New!  Grab Sequoia On The Go at Sully’s, Grand Island Village! 


Sully’s at Ming Avenue and Buena Vista is now receiving fresh daily deliveries from Sequoia On The Go.  Seven Oaks neighbors can run in, 24/7, to pick up Sequoia cold sandwiches, salads, and dessert items at their favorite locally-owned neighborhood gas station/convenience store.

Sequoia On The Go, which opened in downtown Bakersfield as QwikCafe in 2017, is currently delivering to three Sully’s locations:  

·       Ming and Buena Vista

·       Stockdale and Gosford

·       Olive Drive  

Watch for the announcement of more Sully’s locations and additional menu items, coming soon.

The downtown brick-and-mortar location of Sequoia On The Go will remain open regular hours, Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm with their existing menu.  Sully’s opened its first location in Bakersfield in November, 2011.  They currently operate seven locations in Bakersfield, including two in Seven Oaks.