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There’s something extraordinary waiting to be discovered, and it’s closer than you think.
We’re talking just-around-the-corner close. Excitement is building as the unique vision for Westbridge Seven Oaks master-planned community continues to unfold, bringing a fresh approach to Bakersfield.

As the legacy of Seven Oaks continues, the difference is in the dynamic with the vibrant Village Center District as the centerpiece—the core of all things connected. It’s where free-flowing energy gravitates and rushes out along winding trails and paseos, enticing your appetite to explore with parks and modern amenities at every turn. And it all comes together with distinctive villages, each hosting its own personality and style, to create a one-of-a-kind experience that hits close to home. Where you can bike to current and future retail, walk your kids to the planned school, meet up with friends on a whim—and expect to dance with the unexpected.

A new way of living just around the corner.

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Open Socialways

The moment you arrive at Seven Oaks, you’re welcomed with open arms and open air. An all-around open concept, really. Where trails and paseos are your primary source of transportation to your go-to’s. Where conversations with neighbors in passing start with “Where you heading?” and end with “Count me in!” And the SJD Memorial Trail brings nature knock, knock, knocking at your front door.

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Mark your legacy

There’s a story to this land—a tale as old as time. It’s a heritage we wish to honor with a pioneering vision by none other than the people who call Bakersfield home. Think modern architectural design that stirs inspiration. Social-ready spaces that cultivate connection. And a planned K-8 school designed to nurture the growth of generations to come. Westbridge Seven Oaks isn’t just another community. It’s creating a place all its own.

Group of cool kids while having ice cream after a swim in outdoor pool


Not the Norm

Westbridge Seven Oaks is not just new. It’s first-of-its-kind new. The lifestyle here is so vibrant that there’s no room for ordinary. The homes are works of art. The amenities are bursting with energy. And the Village Center District is iconic, magnetic—a central hub that gives residents a place to tune in, connect and engage with each other. Whether it’s a happening destination or an exciting event, there’s always something to look forward to just around the corner.

two middle-aged multiracial women go for sports together in a city park

Small-town Feel

It’s All in the Familiar

Want to get to know your neighbors? Or maybe even the entire block? You’ll like your chances at Seven Oaks. Here, kids bike home with friends after school. There’s no one stopping you from naming your front porch as the coolest social lounge in town. And the farm stand at the Village Center District is your bread and butter. It’s where the comfort of tradition creates the feeling of home—but the sizable possibilities let you live to the fullest at your own pace.