Building Community Connections: Meet Beatriz Guzman

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Nestled within the serene enclave of Seven Oaks West Homeowners Association lies Belcourt
Seven Oaks, where residents experience a true sense of community and belonging. At the helm
of fostering this vibrant community spirit is Beatriz “Bea” Guzman, the dedicated community
Social Director who infuses creativity, energy, and enthusiasm into the fabric of Belcourt Seven

For Bea Guzman, serving as the community Social Director is more than just a job—it’s her
passion. Born and raised in the heart of Bakersfield, Bea brings a deep-rooted love for her
community to her role. As a mother of three beautiful daughters, she understands the importance
of creating meaningful connections and nurturing a sense of belonging among residents.
With over seven years of experience in event planning, including roles at the Kern County
Museum and the Petroleum Club of Bakersfield, Bea is well-equipped to curate memorable
experiences for the residents of Belcourt Seven Oaks. Whether it’s planning community events,
sending out announcements, or forging relationships with local businesses, Bea’s dedication
shines through in every aspect of her work.

As the new coordinator Bea is excited to embark on her journey of meeting and connecting with
families in the Belcourt Seven Oaks community. Her vision extends beyond mere event
planning; she aims to create a tapestry of fun activities that bring families together and foster
lasting friendships among neighbors.

From community festivals to cooking workshops and arts and crafts sessions, Bea’s commitment
to creating opportunities for families to gather and socialize knows no bounds. Through her
efforts, she hopes to cultivate a thriving, loving environment at Belcourt Seven Oaks where
residents not only care for each other but also feel deeply connected to their surroundings.

This summer a few activities residents can look forward to include:
 Toddler Tuesdays
 Family Lego Nights
 Weekly Ice Cream Socials
 Book Club Meet Ups
 Fourth of July Parade

Bea Guzman plays an integral role in shaping the identity of Belcourt Seven Oaks as a place
where people come together, share experiences, and build lifelong memories. With her
unwavering dedication and genuine passion for community engagement, Bea is not just a Social
Director—she’s the heartbeat of Belcourt Seven Oaks, weaving a tapestry of warmth and
camaraderie that enriches the lives of all who call it home.

To stay current on the latest events and activities within Belcourt Seven Oaks, residents can visit
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Android users through the app store.

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